Any car necessarily needs a filter change

Driving with a dirty air filter is detrimental to the engine. The most terrible thing is that the microparticles from the air settle on the walls of the cylinders, mixing with the oil, the dust is delivered to all rubbing pairs of the power unit, which significantly increases the rate of their wear and tear.

When deciding to change or not to change the air filter, you need to understand what your car is breathing. If the filter is not replaced in time, it will lead to increased consumption and engine wear. Garage craftsmen can recommend just “blow” the air filter, but when blowing, its structure is broken, after which it starts to flow even more dust and dirt. We do not recommend this procedure. The frequency of replacing the air filter depends largely on the conditions of the car.

Cabin Air Filter. Clear regulation on its replacement is not present: it varies on a condition. But, assessing his condition, we must remember – it’s about your health. If you feel that the air in the passenger compartment is full of dust, is not cleaned enough, or if windows start to fog up – this indicates that it’s time to replace the salon filter.