Combined Skin Care

Combined skin is often the result of improper skin care. On the cheeks and cheekbones skin is normal, and in the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) – fat. Therefore, owners of combined skin type are recommended to use cosmetics for two types of skin.

In the morning it is best to first clean the T-zone with a tonic for oily skin.

For day protection, a moisturizing cream is applied to normal skin. In this case, the thickness of the applied layer depends on the site (on normal skin cream should be less). In the evening also it is necessary to resort to the help of tonic, the maintenance of alcohol in it should be minimum. And then a moisturizing cream is used, and the T-zone is better not to be affected. Cleansing the face with a scrub is not recommended more than once a week. After the mask is applied, corresponding to the type of skin on different parts of the face.

Classification of facial skin care products

Pay attention not only to what type of skin this product is intended for, but also to the purpose of the action – wrinkles, irregularities or pigment spots.

There are professional lines of cosmetics. In the shops of these companies you will necessarily consult, and face care cosmetics will be chosen correctly. Before you start to develop a regime for caring for your skin, you need to understand the purpose of the funds. All cosmetic products developed for the care of the skin of the face, it is customary to differentiate into two groups: basic and additional.