Evening dress for the new year 2017: main trends

New outfit for the girl, of course, should not necessarily only consist of an evening dress. It can be with a blouse of elegant skirt and a stylish pants suit and even fancy jeans. But if you prefer it feminine look, then dress up for the new year – it’s a win-win and timeless option.

Among the huge variety of all kinds of dress is easy to get lost. Designers offer us long model on the floor, and flirty mini and shiny fabrics with sequins, lace and gorgeous outfits. This suggests that absolutely every requirement, even the most demanding fashion, will be satisfied.

A general trend in evening dresses can be considered as the elegance and femininity, as well as classic colors and silhouettes. Particularly relevant to the romantic style. Therefore, you should pay attention to such delicate fabrics as lace, silk and satin.

What about styles, then it will be the main trend of female customization model. It can be so long, fluent and short cocktail dresses. Write down the elegant style of chiffon: these dresses, especially with dressing crystals or print will look incredibly elegant and stylish. Also note the dress a-line, which in the past few weeks on many fashion looks. Such models can be perfectly all kinds: from retro to minimalistic. So if you like this style, feel free to choose and complement the bright and ornate accessories.

Comfort – first and foremost

No matter how beautiful was not your outfit of the new year, especially, it should be comfortable and not hinder the movements. Regardless of where you meet the holiday in a night club with friends or at home with your family, your clothes should bring you joy rather than complaints. Therefore it is best to think the way to the last detail in advance, to a party mood in any case not spoiled.