Fashionable ensembles with large black golf

high socks, like many girls, but include them in their assemblies, not all ladies. This happens because of fear of creating a vulgar way. If you pick up socks mind, you can get very interesting and bright outfit. Universal model can be called a black knee.

If you like to dress in grunge style high stockings can become part of your ensemble. Wear short shorts with high waist and classic cut shirt strict. By including such an image high socks, it may be evident in the corresponding direction of the image bold style. Shoes is best to choose to match the selected courses to visually extend the leg.

black bag on a long strap – elegant and glamorous accessory, perfect for fashion. Look at handbags with metal rivets, zippers and belts. Image of accessories, you can include also a brown belt, scarf, collar and cap are designed in one color.

high socks can be worn with a skirt. For short model beige shirt up blue tint. Shine also choose the color of golf. It is advisable to stop the election on the skin, black shoes or shoes. thin belt, grunge black bag and a hat similar colors – accessories that will be relevant in this package.