How to look thinner with your clothes

How often do we hear from women that they can not choose their clothes in stores to look beautiful, but at the same time hide the defects of their figure.

It happened so that the feminine body changes with age or after childbirth. Strongly, women begin to clothe themselves with bulky clothes, which, in their opinion, hide from the irregularities of the figure and curved shapes. But … these clothes, on the contrary, add only volume. And it is not necessary to wear a sweater and dresses, you can also pick up beautiful fantasy things that will hide the defects and emphasize the dignity of the figure. But not all women know and know how to properly choose their clothes. And despair because of that, because in the wrong clothes, we do not look the best.

But in order to look attractive and sexy, regardless of the number of pounds of weight – otherwise, many men prefer lush women – just have to learn some association rules and the choice of clothing. You can “remove” more pounds by using fabric texture, decolletage, style and fabrication, colors. No less important in creating an image is played by jewelery. They also help to hide some deficiencies or to highlight virtues.