How to replace the headlamp in the car?

Like all simple light bulbs, automotive lamps can also burn out over time, and you will have to change them. And in order to do this you need to remove the headlight. The same procedure is carried out during the repair work on the car lanterns. True, most do not understand how to remove the headlight and replace it with a new one.
How to replace the headlight – plan of action.

1. First you need to choose the replacement spotlight for Polo. Such you can buy special centers, for example, from official dealers of Volkswagen. You can also try to buy a headlight on the car breakdown. The most important thing is that it comes to your car.

2. Now you can do the substitution yourself. Experts of the technical center AvtoServisTim advise first to remove the grate from the radiator, and this is done in order to have unimpeded access to the headlight itself and thereby you will provide a well-open area for repair work.

3. Further it is recommended to unscrew all the bolts with which the lights are attached. Do not forget that they are on both sides. If you can not move them, you should moisten them in a special anti-rust agent, then wait a bit and then continue working.

4. At this stage, you need any object that can perform the same functions as the lever. For example, it can be a plastic or plastic spatula. Top with a small amount of cloth. This is done to avoid scratches on the body, which can occur during the unscrewing of the headlights. You will need a shovel to start it in the slot located between the car body and the headlight itself, while very gently pull it away from the edge. Now you need to get it.

5. Now you need to remove the headlight from the bracket, which serves as an anchorage, then unhook all the wires that the light bulb has and remove them to the side.

6. It remains only to take a new headlight and proceed to perform actions only in the opposite order. First, attach the wires back, then place the headlamp on the bracket and secure. So you put the headlamp in its place and do not forget to tighten the bolts. Then you just have to check whether you did this job exactly or not.

7. There are such car owners who can handle the headlights with a special tool in the form of mastic. Thus it is necessary to check up correctly you have connected wires from a bulb. If everything is correct, then you answered the question of how to change the headlight.
Useful tips: how to change the headlight.

All work related to the repair or replacement of the lamp in the headlight should be carried out in a room that must be clean, dry and have good lighting. Also, do not forget to prepare all the necessary materials: a nightstand or a table, necessary to put on them old headlights, bolts and various tools, as well as material that you can wipe dirty places and so on.

If you have replaced the lights yourself, then you can easily install the windshield on your car with your own hands.