Hydraulic filter from our shop

The closed circuits in the engine compartment must be kept clean. For their protection, they must be considered both the external impurities both the conditions for internal use. The hydraulic systems of the brakes, the clutch and the servo steering can be supplied by the same source of hydraulic fluid. However, each area must be protected against pollution. If the risk is considered low, a hydraulic filter could be sufficient in this sense. Thanks to it also the hydraulic oil has to be replaced with less frequency, since the combustion danger is significantly reduced.

The dirt will usually reach the hydraulic system in case of repairs or defective seals. Cleaning with the hydraulic filter will still be very effective by the viscosity of the oil that will slow the flow through the filter medium. Use paper as a filter medium, as is the case in air filters, is excluded here. To be efficient, a screen made of metal or plastic must be used. The advantage of this is that it is able to achieve a good flow rate, so that the pressure loss is only possible with a very high degree of contamination. Alternatively, the filter cakes, their effect can be similar to that of the cigarette filters. It also allows you to filter smaller particles. However, in order to provide the necessary pressure to provide the hydraulic pump in this case, it must work with more force. A pressure drop can stop the neo-cylinder or cause fluid leakage. The first sign of contamination here is the rapid decrease in performance. In this case, you must check the status of the seals and the fluid level.

But often it is sufficient to clean or replace the hydraulic filters. Since the occurrence of the impurity is to be expected, particularly after the replenishing of the liquid, such a situation is rarely considered. If the connections and the pipes remain tight, the danger remains minimal. The wear of the filter is also a very rare phenomenon. Our online shop offers a variety of spare parts (eg air hose, fuel tank, clutch cable, etc.) For most of the most famous automarken.