Jeans – a universal element of the wardrobe

Let’s face it – in anything we do not feel as comfortable as in our favorite jeans. Whether it’s shabby boyish, slinky or sexy flared, we love jeans in all their stylistic variety. But it seems that every new season with its trendy trends requires buying a new pair, and around there are so many great brands, and how to choose? Well, a few tips will help to buy new jeans, which very soon will be included in the number of loved ones.


Jeans in a tight blue-black or black color draw attention to all the virtues of the figure. They can be combined with flat-soled shoes for casual outfits, if you have to run a lot during the day, or put on high-heeled sexy shoes for a night out with friends.


Classic straight cut jeans are perfectly matched with ballet and t-shirt for release to create a relaxing everyday ensemble. But if you put on them heeled shoes with a sharp toe and a bright blouse, in this outfit you can go to a nightclub on Friday night.


Free jeans boy’s cut are comfortable and unpretentious. They are perfectly combined with a decorated drapery with a silk blouse or with a comfortable sweater, depending on the situation. A bright necklace will add a zest and style. If you want to impress, put on your sexy shoes and tuck your jeans.

With decor

It’s amazing how simple plain-looking jeans become fashionable and flirty, if you decorate them with rhinestones, beads, embroidery or lace inserts. This is already a real work of art, especially if the decor is “one of a kind”. To create a unique image, combine them with a sweater and shoes on a platform or shoes, possibly decorated with a decor of the same type.


As a rule, flared jeans go to everyone. Especially interesting they look with patterned blouses and shoes with a very high heel. Do not be afraid to draw attention to your feet, even if they are not perfect, such a combination will not make you regret the mistake.


Tight, flared, straight or loose – regardless of cut, worn jeans should be in every girl’s wardrobe. Wear them with sneakers or sneakers and a sports sweater, if you want to look cute and unpretentious. And in the evening, gathering with friends in a nightclub, you can wear a beautiful blouse and blazer. To be honest, it’s impossible to make a mistake here.


Whichever jeans you choose, remember that they are a blank canvas, giving almost unlimited space for imagination. Do not be afraid to go beyond the usual. The same jeans will look great both with sexy shoes on a hairpin and a silk blouse, and with a shabby T-shirt and sneakers. Everything depends on your taste and style.