Long live the soap fragrant! Choose as wash

Clean – the guarantee for health. Despite the fact that the detergent on the market far enough, the oldest of their representatives – soap – does not give up its position. Initially used soap for washing clothes. With the development of science, the discovery of bacteria, the introduction of the principles of hygiene soap has become necessary household needs.
Long live the soap fragrant! Choose as wash
What makes soap?

As a raw material for the main component of the soap can be used, animal and vegetable fats, fat substitutes (synthetic fatty acid, rosin, naphthenic acid, tall oil). Fat extracted from vegetable products, such as cotton, soybean oil and palm oil, animal products such as animal fat, fish oil and nut products processing, especially coconut oil. While alkaline fats and glycerol fatty acid salts are formed, that is, soap.
How to hit the dirt

The functional principle is based on any soap base solves due to alkaline components. At the same time, and washed away dirt and a thin layer of sebum, which creates a protective film is formed, which does not allow the skin dirt and germs. In addition, can create an alkaline environment under the influence of soap loosens the upper layer of the skin, – the upper skin, which results in the possibility of infection and increased moisture loss. All this makes the skin without natural protection of the skin and causes the sebaceous glands to improve their work to create a new fat film, rather than washed out. Therefore, for the daily washing soft means should choose that excess sebum oily skin does not cause gloss. But hand washing soap fits much better because the skin is thicker on the palms and contains sweat and sebaceous glands. However, after washing, use hand cream. It must be remembered that the alkali contained in a solid soap therefore favor, for example, children’s soaps, we do not relieve themselves of its harmful effects. Accordingly, the better soap is washes and washes stubborn dirt, the less it is suitable for daily body care.
Soap – for household tasks

He argued that uncoloured soap is better because it is environmentally friendly and does not contain “any chemistry.” This is only partly true. Soap does not contain artificial fragrances and dyes, but the production of these does not differ fundamentally from toilet soap, respectively, and the alkalinity of the solution was no less. By fatty acid soap content is divided into 3 groups of 72%, 70% and 65%. The best is, 72%.
Choose liquid or solid soap?
Long live the soap fragrant! Choose to wash as rice 2

The essential difference between liquid and solid soap foams components. For liquid soap is sodium laureth sulfate, for solid – basic salts of fatty acids. At the same time, and these and other substances affect the same skin, so a kind of soap is more useful for the skin, we do not speak. However, liquid soap hygienic and soaking in storage or use of it is not threatened. According to the chemical composition of most types of liquid soap, they differ significantly from the solid soap and are closer to the hairwash, in particular, synthetic surfactants, as well as skin softener and perfume. Keep in mind that the addition of softeners and antibacterial liquid soap components in a technologically simple and they can add more. Solid soap with a lot of foreign impurities easily hardens.
What kind of soap is best?