Materials and furniture for a modern interior

Wherever nursery furniture is purchased, it should be made of reliable, environmentally friendly materials with well-fixed parts of the fittings. It is best to buy solid wood furniture. It should be smooth, without jaggles and sharp corners. A variety of body structures allow the most common room to make a comfortable and stylish home.

You can buy for a boy and a girl:

bed beds;
bedside chair;
shelf beds, drawers, cabinets;
beds, which have an embedded office for classes, and its ends – a closet;
retractable or collapsible beds;
racks that perform the partition function.

When children have a significant age difference, a two-level bed is best. The youngest child should be placed below. Better to hang your curtain bed – this will provide an opportunity to sleep peacefully for the child, while the older child learns lessons, reads or works on the computer. For an older child, you need to ensure a safe climb and descend from a bed. Parents should place the bed so that the ladder leading to the top of the bed is away from the window so that the child does not “accidentally descend the window”. The same requirement applies to sports corners that are in the children’s rooms.

By the way, do not forget that the place to prepare the lessons should be closer to the window. Lack of daylight during work can adversely affect the health of the child’s eyes and, in combination with increased school shocks, may cause serious eye problems.