Mattresses for back pain

Back pain is a growing problem, lately we can speak of a sharp decline age people who complain that they have back pain. There are many causes of back pain and in most cases are not serious conditions. Because it is a painful condition in patients get timely medical relatively thus avoiding possible complications. The main cause of back pain remains far wrong lifestyle, from the extra pounds accumulated shortly column that sustains them hard and unnatural body position to put pressure on the spine.

During sleep the whole body tries to recover so all the matter around us in body relaxation, starting from and ending with quiet sleep that support sleep. Lately there are a number of new products to support sleeping chapter, that mattress. Many of the advertisements promise miraculous healing, but in reality things are different. The mattress is important for a good sleep, healthy, but it can never be considered a drug for back pain.

  • матраци за спалня

right mattress

Like many other mattress choice can not be done by age group, or other general criteria. In choosing a suitable mattress we must take into account the particularities of each individual. People who have serious illnesses column will be considered strictly medical advice. As for the rest of the people they should be guided by the following aspects: