One-color T-shirt

White polo shirt and blue jeans … Classics … However, you should not drive yourself a basic wardrobe of men white t-shirt into the frame. Experiment with the colors, and you will realize that other colors look no worse than white. Let them be several, they can be with inscriptions or prints. The basic wardrobe of a man is a T-shirt with prints. This is an excellent combination for the image of “a boy from a neighboring yard”. And even if you are not a boy at all, this is not the image that can be subjected to fashionable hara-kiri.


With a pair of blue jeans in the closet you will always have what to wear. This basic element should have in your wardrobe any self-respecting man. Basic wardrobe of men jeansIf a wide variety of shades of blue, it is better to choose a dark one. Jeans perfectly fit into any image and will be relevant with any shoes from sneakers to moccasins.


It does not have to look like your aunt tied it up for you. A sweatshirt is a must The man’s basic wardrobe is knitted to your style and body shape. Look great jersey with a v-neck, which can be put on both a shirt and a shirt. Round neckline is also a good option, but in order to better combine the jumper with the entire wardrobe stop in its choice on neutral colors: black, gray, beige or white.