Our appearance plays a leading role on the road to success

so it is important to be able to express yourself correctly through clothes, hair, makeup. And to cope with this challenge, you will help the stylistic image maker who will lead you into the world of contemporary fashion and style.

Stylist, image maker inspires you to change the photo, create a new image for you based on your lifestyle, preferences, psycho, and get valuable advice on how to properly use clothes and accessories to adjust the value. Helen, being the highest class professional, sharing their experiences and secrets to create magnificent images, teaches you a surprise for you as a combination of your stuff.
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Image Consultation. Such professional consultation will allow you to look back at your style, the image as a whole. Once you have received a colorful analysis of your appearance, you will learn what coloring makeup, which color clothing is perfect for your color. Also learn about your lifestyle, hobbies, your psycho, Elena Coro will give you valuable recommendations for creating a unique individual style.
Analysis of the wardrobe will help you not only look at other things differently, but also save money for subsequent shopping. Analysis of the wardrobe
The “shopping with stylist” service saved you from waste of time and money because of the ignorance of the range of stores and the inability to choose the right color or style. Using this service, your shopping will be a really enjoyable and exciting experience during which you get, in addition to professional image consulting, shopping literacy. Shop with a stylist
Well, with the help of image creation service, which includes image counseling, makeup training, wardrobe audit, shopping, visit salon accompanied by Helen, you are only 2 days full of your arsenal of knowledge, skills and wardrobe so that I have no doubt will achieve significant success in your career or your personal life.