Sectional doors are installed in an opening

But how would you not create a sectional door with your hands, have tried, still their quality leaves much to be desired. Well, if these goals will all work, but it is worth mentioning that there is a possibility that such a gate could completely fall or be partial. At best – is the damage to the vehicle and in the worst case – a death person. So is it worth the risk?

It is an option that we seem to be the most sensible – dividing sectional doors and buying your own hands to try to assemble them and install them. By the way, nothing complicated about it because it looks like a great designer. The only thing is to devote many different parts, so the entire structure of the assembly has a lot of time to devote. In addition, the need is tinkered because the accurate and correct installation is the key to reliable and lasting operation. However, it should be noted that in each set manufacturer retains precise assembly and installation diagrams of gates.

Sectional doors installed in the opening, which must be cleaned first. If the opening wall is rather weak, it is necessary to reinforce its metal structure, that is to construct a frame. Then mark around the perimeter of the opening. Basically, it is the place of fastening of bearing structures, the profiles include vertical and horizontal fixation.