See the combination of green

When we talk about fashion trends, the color is on par with the silhouette in the first positions. To open a fashion magazine, we want to know what to wear, what colors will be in the trend, what combinations, and what on the contrary will be inappropriate. What colors will be fashionable, for many years the institute has been solved. For the season 2017-2018 there is also a list of shades. The overall color development of the season is designated as “cozy and calm shades”.

The color of the year can rightly be called green.

Spring and summer are traditionally linked to green, life-provoking and energetic. This season in fashion, the color of the young, apple, mint. If you want to match fashion trends, choose shades of fresh greens from the market: parsley, celery, salad, all this is very important. For the autumn winter season, the color of the broccoli is recommended – a deep, cool green.

As for the combinations, they are quite contrasting and brave. Light pink again in the vogue. Soft and calm greenery combined with a flashy pink – magenta, fuchsia, a dusty rose. In fashion are pairs of green and brown and also gray. Furthermore, the brown is very bright and warm, there are shades of chocolate and coffee, shades of wood, chestnut fruit. Gray, on the contrary, cold and slightly dusty – the color of asphalt, lead, fog.