Selecting paper for printing with a laser printer

The technical condition of the printer depends to a large extent on the paper on which it is printed. A substandard, or paper that does not meet the specifications of the printer, may damage the printer and cause the printer to malfunction.

Now there is a huge choice of paper. The main difference of the paper is its density, stiffness, thickness, moisture and electrical conductivity. Also, additional characteristics include transparency. Paper with the same characteristics of different manufacturers has a huge number of differences, because the raw materials from which it is made are often of different quality. We want to recommend the popular model from the series of printers and multifunctional devices brother dcp375cw, available now on sale.

Why is the correct choice of paper important?

Before you go for paper to a laser printer, read its specifications. Typically, the instructions indicate the maximum paper weight that can be printed. The standard paper for all laser printers is paper with a density of 80-90g / m2. The drawbacks of this paper are the lack of special coverage, which makes working with it less convenient. Some firms produce paper starting from 130g / m2, since it is most convenient to work with it.

Some users buy paper of lower density for the sake of economy, which causes a lot of problems – it breaks, gets stuck, several sheets can be taken when feeding paper. Usually, after these problems, you need to clean both the printer itself and the rollers.

Do not forget about the density limit that each printer has. Standard printers can print on paper with a density of up to 300 g / m2. In this case, you need to carefully monitor the feeding of high-density paper, since there are often problems with this. It may get stuck, printing may occur crookedly. If you frequently print on paper that is heavier than the printer, prepare to visit the service center or call the wizard.

Great attention should be paid to the electrical conductivity of the paper. Sometimes a paper that has high characteristics is not fed from the tray, gets stuck and delivers a large number of difficulties. With such problems, users call a wizard that does not find a breakdown and just cleans the printer, after which the problem does not disappear. The reason was electrified paper, which should be replaced. You can deal with such a problem by buying cheap paper that was stored for a long time in the warehouse.

Repairing a laser printer is a rather expensive procedure. Its payment can be about 70% of the total cost of the printer. Do not save on paper – it can be very bad for your budget.