Selection of automobile tires. Characteristics of tires, which should pay attention.

Good grip with the road surface can only be ensured if the tires are selected correctly. Meanwhile, many car accidents and minor road accidents are directly related to the loss of traction. As a result, the controllability of the car suffers, the steering is losing its efficiency, the braking system is poorly and ineffectively.

Therefore, the choice of tires should be approached with the utmost attention, and after this choice is made, it is required to ensure a high quality of tire fitting works. Today in such stores as there are a lot of variants of tires, which differ in their sizes and features. These tires are produced by various companies from different countries of the world.

One of the determining factors in the selection of tires is the weight of the car. At the same time to buy tires for trucks can be even more difficult task than for conventional cars. Therefore, such tires are usually allocated in a very special category and are sold in specialized stores.

For a typical car enthusiast, a more common classification of tires is segregation by season. This winter tires with their deep relief, designed to maximize grip in difficult conditions of snowy roads and a fairly soft rubber that can not lose its properties at negative temperatures. And summer tires allow you to keep the shape on the hot asphalt from the sun. Strictly speaking, the estimated time of year is one of the most important criteria when choosing tires. Count on “all-season” rubber should not, in the conditions of our winter, such tires are simply dangerous. Also, do not consider this option as “eurozim” because this type of rubber was calculated for the more southern regions of Europe and even with a small snowfall you will not get anywhere.

The next moment is definitely diameter, the most correct rule is to not invent anything but put the rubber that was provided by the manufacturer. . On this depends not only the safety of driving, but also, for example, fuel consumption. In principle, this parameter can be affected by the installation of winter tires with spikes – they are simply heavier than conventional designs, which somewhat changes the driving conditions of the car.

Index of speed and load. Here it is worthwhile to understand that if the bus shows the speed index T (190 km per hour) and the load index 108 (that is, 1 ton per wheel) – this means that this is the maximum load that is applicable to this bus at this speed. Basically, this applies to those who have a habit of squeezing on the track the most from their car.

The proportions of rubber. The lower and the wider the tire, the steadier the car will behave on the track and when cornering. But it should be understood that even the slightest hole or pothole for low-profile rubber will be fatal. For this reason, you should think in advance how and where you will drive.