The gates of this type are a one-part sign covering the entire garage opening

Thanks to the built-in metal frame, the sheet can be placed parallel to the ceiling, 90 ° from its original position.

Frame frame is the main part of the gate, so it is made of steel. From the same metal make the gate. For convenience, they are equipped with an electric drive. This makes it possible to control them without leaving the car.

Although this is a more reliable design than previous versions, but like everything else, it has its positive and negative features.

The bonus points include the following criteria:

A single blade provides reliable protection against penetration and breakage.
The material of this type of door is stainless steel, which keeps the car safe from the effects of natural rainfall.
The gate in the open position does not occupy space and space within the room.
The design of a single sheet is such that it can be easily insulated with expanded polystyrene or decorated with other lightweight materials.
The possibility to use automatic systems.

Double-wing swing

This kind of gate was and remains the most popular because of its cost and reliability. Swing mechanisms are two main doors, which are attached to hinges on rigid racks. For the strength of the structure, the struts are designed in the form of a one-piece metal strip. The doors are designed so that they can be opened both outside and in the garage – this depends on the wish of the owner. For convenience, one of the wings is equipped with a gate.

Double winged turntables are best suited to create a warm garage.