The linens that suits me

Sunday morning – finally sleep. No alarm clock rings, no appointment pushes us out of the springs – just turn around and enjoy the time in bed. The new bedding of furniture power also really invites to an extraround sleep. So soft, so cuddly, just comfortable. But not only our wellbeing is finally right now, no, the whole bedroom has benefited from the purchase of the new bed linen. Bedding, which is ideally suited to the style of the decor and the season. Good choice!
Summer linens

It gets hotter outside. Even at night, it does not really cool off. Even if the windows are open, cooling does not really matter. We would now prefer to do without bed linen. But a light bedspread does well. Decide in the summer months for a bedding with a cooling surface that is breathable and light. Cotton, jersey and sleek satin sheets, as well as linen, are a natural companion for the hot season. Decorative patterns like blossoms, colorful, refreshing colors or even a pure white bring a fresh breeze into the bedroom.
Winter bed linen

Winter – it’s cold outside. The trees bear no leaves, an icy wind blows around the house. Heat is now the highest good we aspire to. Thick socks, warm sweaters and cozy blankets. And when we go to bed, a fluffy cuddly bedding welcomes us. Adorable materials are now in demand. These include the beaver bedding with its comfortable woolly character and also the silk bedding. Silk ensures good heat and cold exchange. While she has cooled down nicely in the summer, she is now spoiled with warmth.
Bed linen – qualities at a glance

Mako satin bed linen – a fabric of high-quality long-fiber cotton, woven in atlas binding. With this quality, the fabric is combed, strengthened and microfibres and unevenness are removed. This process prevents the formation of knots and makes the fabric particularly smooth. The result: a glossy bedding in high quality.

  • спално бельо 160

Jacquard satin is a mako satin. The fabric is decorated with patterns. These embellishments are particularly impressive on the Mako Satin, expressive, brilliant and high-quality on the noble fabric.