The minimum thickness of the mattress should

We also control the inside of the mattress, so it is preferable to choose zipper layers on the outside so that we can see the layout and layer materials inside.

Fight the mites, according to experts’ calculations an average mattress layer contains over 10,000 dust mites. So if you suffer from allergies, use special hypoallergenic caps to protect your mattress and pillow.

To get rid of mites and fungi you can request organic cleaning from specialty companies (there are several addresses on the internet). Otherwise, at regular intervals (every 2 weeks, for example), remove the layers out and hit them in the sun (when there is not much flue gas). Vacuum cleaning is not advisable because static electricity is generated by friction, resulting in the mites being more easily concentrated on the mattress.

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Most layers should be replaced at least every 10 years for hygiene purposes.

To keep the mattress in good shape, you should turn it to the side (up and head legs) every three months to make it wear evenly. To ventilate it well by lifting all covers, wash the protective cap with cold water and mild detergent frequently. We should not allow the mat to get wet and we should not use dry cleaning materials because the chemicals can damage the inside of the mattress.