Three solutions to get rid of cellulite

Do you have cellulite? You are not alone! With a little care and perseverance, you have chances to get rid of this condition. Here are three solutions to get rid of cellulite.

“Cellulite is a condition, not a disease,” says Oana Spanu, dermatologist. “Cellulite is a condition represented by the presence of adipose tissue (fat) subcutaneously, which becomes irregular appearance on specific areas of the body, especially in women, but also men,” the specialist added.
What causes cellulite?

Cellulite has both genetic, hormonal and lifestyle related causes (diet, lack of exercise, etc.). As I said, cellulite mostly occurs in women in the following areas: thighs, buttocks, hips, abdomen and knees under the orange peel appearance.

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Essentially, cellulite is the stage visible poisoning lasting tissue by dehydration, smoking, stress, unhealthy diet (coffee, junk food and fast food, oil, flour, white sugar – refined sweets, fried food) and lack of movement.
How to fight cellulite?

It helps blood circulation is stimulated. One method indicated is vacuum massage. For example, the Danubius Resort, the effect of vacuum is obtained naturally by pressing and easy lifting of the suction cup to the skin, rubber. They are playing on the body in a circular motion on your hips, shoulders and dorsal area.
Use products that fight cellulite deposits such as massage creams containing caffeine – a miracle ingredient that can melt localized fat deposits.