What has made the final customer interested

Opting for a new supplier, end user has to follow several steps which involve:

– Transmission, the new chosen supplier data necessary to conclude the supply contract;

– Negotiating contractual terms;

– Conclusion of the contract which takes effect from the termination of the contract with the current supplier;

  • електроенергия варна

– Current supplier’s notification of the termination of the supply contract at least 21 days prior compliance with contractual terms. At the same time as the notification by the current supplier, end user transmits a copy of the notification to both the network operator which is connected to its place of consumption, and the new provider.

To conclude the contract network, new supplier or end customer, informing the operator network, within three working days of receipt, that the notification for changes to the supplier, the set of data and documents provided in ANRE Order. Based on this information, the network operator checks outstanding payments, establishes the index reading from the date provided for switching, and other necessary technical details.

The network operator is obliged to conclude new supplier or, where appropriate, directly to the end customer within five working days of the submission of data, network contract for the service network at the place of consumption. The new network contract takes effect upon the entry into force of the new electricity supply contract.

Later than 42 days after the termination, supplier or operator is required to submit the final customer invoice reconciliation with the final statement of all liabilities. End customer is obliged to pay for the bill by the deadline.