What parts worth buying – new or used / have?

This is an issue faced by virtually every owner of the car, perhaps with the exception only of those who serve exclusively on the official transport service and does not head scores such trifles as the acquisition of spare parts …

Yes, and then not always. Everyone chooses for himself. Some people prefer to buy a used item, time-tested, but be sure that it will last for a long time and without complaints.

Other motorists are foaming at the mouth to prove that the new and only new item can ensure proper quality. Both have reason to believe their position is correct.

On the one hand, really, well, what sense to overpay for a new spare part, if you can buy the same is not worse than in the disassembly. After all, the price of new items is much higher, sometimes even several times.

This is especially true for those who have typewriter frankly not very young, a sort of favorite “old” 15-20 years-ty. Not only is buying a horse for that new parts will be too expensive, so more can happen that your phone model, in principle, no longer produce the desired original parts, because it is long since discontinued.

And what to do if an accident occurred, and The old car needed a little “patch up”? Option two – or take the Chinese New analogue, or ask for help on Autodismantling, and, sometimes have to look for the right part, even for parts in other cities.

Yes, and this also happens. Then again, every man decides. Of course, China is a new analogue. But will it really mean to me? If we talk about the automotive industry, for example, the ’90s, we all know about the high quality metal parts.
What parts worth buying – new or used / u ?.
And they produce now, especially in the factories in China? It seeks to reduce the cost of production, it is clear to everyone. And, as if the result did not have to pay twice, this, too, do not forget!

Therefore, for the most part experienced car owners still prefer to take the original old spare part than the new Chinese unknown quality. Especially knowing that people can buy and interchangeable parts, ie parts from one brand to another and resemble.

As a rule, those with cars older than 10-15 years, well aware of all these details. Of course, if you have a new car and have the opportunity to buy a new original spare part, especially for expensive cars, you can always search for dealers with optimum pricing.

Undoubtedly, acquiring the original item, there is no doubt that it will last a long time and you and your car, and you absolutely do not have to re-pay for the same repair.