What’s Sundress – tips for real fashionistas

From what to wear sundress – rules of combining summer clothes

Dress and dress – favorite clothes for a hot summer. These feminine sleeveless dress allows you to look elegant and stylish women feel comfortable and safe fashion any physique.

Not everyone knows what to wear sundress not violate established rules of harmonious image. We must think carefully about accessories and jewelry, and most importantly – to choose a suitable shoes.
We select sundress type figure

The main characteristic of the dress – she straps that can be arranged in different ways and to set the mood of the whole image.
Annual “pear”

Sundress corset with thick cups attached and will emphasize a neat chest and waist pronounced pear-shaped. Reduce visual imbalance and help make bulky shoulders pattern bit wide straps or belts with ruffles.

Full dress “Pears” should be run. If you have shapely legs, wear sun dresses above the knee skirt with a straight or slightly narrower, which will present tasty thigh profitable.
The figure of “inverted triangle”

In this figure looks very good tight fit dress with a flared skirt of any length. Shoulders seemed longer and more accurately, choose a model with thin straps, which are located near the neck, or wearing sun dresses with cutout Bando – Strapless.
Annual “rectangle”

If you – a “box” to completely hide their lack of help cut waist dress free burned at the shoulder. For a slim figure, you can “draw” class using a sundress with a corset-fitting skirt shape.

The winning waves and drapes looking chest. Make a stylish silhouette help oval or triangular cutouts. Avoid rectangular and square pieces.
Annual “apple”

Choose a dress with an asymmetrical bodice: one with a halter or smell. Well look style summer dresses with a high waist flared empire.

Wear a short dress to show thin legs and detract from the abdomen and flanks.