Where to buy fungicides?

Only here you can buy fungicides, the price of which will suit everyone. When buying large quantities we provide free agrosoprovozhdenie. And who else can boast that?
Basic tips for using fungicides
Spray the plants only need drugs to calm cloudy weather, preferably early in the morning – at dawn or in the evening – at sunset. Keep an eye on the weather forecast – the precipitation for 4-6 hours after treatment, significantly reduce the effectiveness of most fungicides.

Necessarily it is necessary to use rubber gloves, because absolutely all plant protection products can instantly penetrate the skin into the body, then soaked in blood. It is mandatory to wear a special person should be easy respirator or gauze bandage.
Fungicide treatment should be carried out in a special outfit
Try to spray chemicals only plants, not soil. Here we are not talking about a separate treatment of the soil in the greenhouse. Then separately treated soil for planting. Get a high-quality BASF Agriculture pneumatic sprayer – it will help save a lot of your time and money as well as save your health. So try not to save on buying it.
It is strictly forbidden to handle all green or other similar cultures, fungicides systemic effect (the fact is that we use are food green stems and leaves). Also, they can not be processed radish, daikon, radishes, strawberries, gooseberries, currants, cherry, sweet cherry – as these cultures are well and rapidly absorb toxic compounds and does not have time to fully get rid of them at the time of their use in food, even when respected deadlines expectations.
The working solution should be prepared immediately before use. It can be stored no more than a day.
Do not allow any kind of fungicides in the water. The fact that this can lead to the death of all living in them. Poisons are destroyed faster and are arranged in the surface layer of the earth, which is not intended for use as hayfields, orchards, pastures and playgrounds. Sun with soil microorganisms are the main destroyers, obezvrezhivatelyami any toxic compounds.
Store fungicides recommended in a dark, dry, preferably a warm place, away from food. All packaging carefully seal to air moisture does not change the physical properties of drugs. Shelf life biologics about 1-2.5 years, chemical fungicides – 10 years or more.